"They Sound Just Like Them"


Journey Captured consists of five talented musicians dedicated to bringing you the most authentic Journey experience.  From the black coat tails and leopard print shirt of Steve Perry to the carbon copy look and sound of Neil Schon.  With songs like Wheel in the Sky, Separate Ways and Faithfully your audience will find themselves singing along and be transported back in time in a way they never thought possible!

Not All Tribute Bands Are Created Equal...  With today's technology many tribute bands are more like a karaoke show, using what the music industry refers to as " backing tracks".   This is when an instrument or vocals are pre-recorded and added to a live performance, most notably a chorus or harmony section.   Everything here at Journey Captured is done organically by our talented musicians when it comes to the impeccable vocal harmonies and individual musicianship.  We're certain that your audience will appreciate the fact that all songs are performed in their original key!

Who Are You Hiring ...  We can't speak for other bands, but we can tell you who you get with Journey Captured.  If dependability, honesty, and integrity are important to you, you've come to the right place.  We will provide a family friendly environment at all times and you can be sure we will be available for pictures and conversation with the audience after the show. 


                                                      The movie never ends it goes on and on and on and on ...

     See You At The Next Show!

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